The adorable reaction of a child of 7 years to receive makeup as a birthday gift


We are in the middle 2020’s, and despite being super advanced in fields like technology or science, there are still areas in which some seem to have remained stuck in the stone age. In matters of gender and sexuality it seems that there are still deep divisions according to who you ask; the things children are boys and the girls, girls. The blue is clearly for children, pink for them; and so with many things, most without sense, but which are exponents of the beliefs that continue to be deeply rooted in the society.

Just a few days ago, we told you the story of a boy whose mother had to ask for a bit of support on Twitter for her son, was petrified to go to school with nails painted because the children laughed at him. So viewed, to the children in her classroom, painting their nails is a thing for girls. However, dozens of users of the social network turned with the child, showing him much love and making clear that it can be painted nails who wins.

James Charles, one of the 'youtubers' with the greatest influence in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

James Charles, one of the ‘youtubers’ with the greatest influence in the world of beauty and cosmetics.
(Instagram @jamescharles)

The theme of the makeup has always been a kind of taboo for men, despite the fact that the story determines that it was a matter of men and women since the beginning of time. A few years ago, a makeup brand caused a commotion when you choose the young make-up artist James Charles as its promotional image, and whenever a man noted for his skills as a makeup artist, it seems that is wrong. What’s wrong with it? It depends on who you ask.

A child of 7 years it was clear what he wanted for his birthday: a palette of professional makeup. His mother did not hesitate to make your dreams a reality, recorded his reaction and posted on his Twitter account. Just to see your face, is all tenderness: the child could not have been more feliz.

However, there were reactions to all tastes. The video, which has been shared over 12,800 times and has no less than 112.200 “I like”, has not left indifferent. From users who were applauding the gesture of the mother to make the child happy, to others who felt that to give her a palette of make-up was just “converted” your child in something that was not. Phrases such as “To what have we come”; “poor child, this is child abuse” or “Where is your father? It is clear that this woman is ruining that child,” not allowed to be repeated. So much so, that the mother had to comment on Twitter about it.

I’m not ‘changing’ or ‘becoming’ to my child in anyone. It is who he is, and it is wonderful. He is kind, gentle and tolerant. Acceptance is something that not everyone has. Not I will educate my child to look with contempt on another person based on their religion, gender, race or disability. If there is a room full of people and a person is different, my son will be the one who gives the hand-and offer your shoulder to prove that they are worthy and accepted. My son has been brought up to love everyone, regardless of whether they like it or not. I hope that I can spread love with their creations”, says the mother in the social network, “My son does not have to be a certain type of person to which likes to make-up. He sees it not as ‘a girl thing’ or “only guys who like guys like makeup’. Everyone deserves to be happy. This makes him happy”.

The mother of the child also says that the little one is crazy for sports and video games, and one thing not remove the other.

He has seven years and the rest of your life ahead of you
to choose what you want to do because it is your vida. I am your mother and I will rely on what you want to do at all times. Know that you are accepted and wanted”.