The amazing look at the natural of Halsey


The artists take great care of their image and are aware that they must be changing their appearance to give dynamism to its appearance. Now, the new generations of the famous pass of the hair long to short from one day to another, not to mention the color changes that are made. Halsey it is one of the singers that likes to innovate, but now has surprised by showing a photo with your look the naturalsuch as it is.

Because Halsey
it is one of the singers more daring to show off outfits. She doesn’t mind posing with the hair very short, with hairpieces that give you hair extra-long, or dye your hair the color that it is.



So you just need to follow Halsey on their social networks to realize that it costs you nothing to cast off of a stylist to try her luck with another. The singer is not anything conventional and he likes to fill color to your image.

Known is the look I wore a few months ago when dyed the bangs of colorsas if it were a rainbow. However, it has also presented a more classic appearance like a mane, long, smooth and brown.



But what he has done now has left all its fans stone. And is that Halsey wanted to share with all his followers Instagram how is your natural hair, without dressings. And what is true is that it has managed to give to bell.

The singer has posed in a selfie mirror in which we can see with all his hair full of loops, which causes you to have a look at the afro only with loops wider. The styling that takes us back straight to the 80’s, something that also helps your hair.

In this way, we know how is the natural hair of Halsey. What will show it more times instead of following alisándoselo?