The original script of Batman v Superman was “much darker” than the movie Zack Snyder


In 2016, came to the cinemas all over the world, Batman v Superman, the first film of Warner in to face these two mythical DC super heroesthat addressed, how does not, Zack Snyder, responsible at that time for the DCEU before falling in desagracia during the filming of justice League.

But as usual in Hollywood, the script that led to the big screen Zack Snyder it was not the first who travelled around the offices of Warner, just like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill were not the first actors considered for the role of Dark Knight and son of Krypton, respectively. So has confessed to the writer Akiva Goldsman in an interview with the web Colliderhe has remembered the script he wrote for his own version of Batman v Supermanaccording to him much darker than the one we saw in theaters.

“It was the Best, in a dark and very interesting. I think that could have been great. We were in pre-production and it was as dark as I had seen in my life. It began with the funeral of Alfred and Bruce had fallen in love and had decided to stop being Batman, the Joker killed his wife and then descubrías that was a lie. That love had been a construction of the Joker to break Batman. There was a time that we had all these stories in a script but it could not be done. Somehow, the expectations that we had with respect to the audience, the team and the director were not the ones we envisioned when we put them on a paper,” recalled the writer, winner of the Oscar for A beautiful mind.

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We do not know whether the expectations to which it relates Goldsman is the team which in its time was chosen for the film, led by Wolfgang Petersen as a director, Colin Farrell as Batman and Jude Law as Superman, which in its time has already clarified that he left the project because he didn’t like the suit that he had designed.