The reflection of the sister of Karol G after almost atropellaran


After the unexpected fact, the young man wrote a message in which he asked for his followers to enjoy the today.

15 May 2020 13:07By:

Veronica Giraldo, one of the beautiful sisters Karol G, he became very thoughtful after that informs that by little is hit by a car, next to your dog, concluding that “the time you enjoy it is the real lived time”.

In its official account of Instagram, Veronica published two photos where she appears and your pet, ‘Pit’, in a bed and in the publication narrated in brief as was this unexpected fact.

“The day of yesterday, it was something unexpected, it happened that almost my puppy Pit and me we arroya a car, the life happened for a second, after that is in shock”said influenciadora.

Later the sister of the interpreter ‘Tusa’, said that from that moment I began to think of the time wasted the people arguing with their loved ones by “nonsense” or buying unnecessary things or that are used once and then stored.

“There are times we waste life arguing for nonsense, being wrong with the person we love, we waste so much life taking care of to acquire and to acquire more things and we forget to enjoy them, we have material things and no I assure you I use it only once or twice and then archive it”added.

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In the post he also talked about love because he said that many people are waiting for that future to arrive “the love of his life” and in the present do not enjoy the relationship they have knowing that “this is the love you have today.”

“We become so embroiled in looking to the future and do not take advantage of today, because today is the live, say that when it comes to the love of my life, when the love we have now your current partner is that the love of your life, because life is already, today, not tomorrow, to be true is that life is the one that brings us the day and the hour, not us, as we thought,” said the influenciadora.

Finally, the young man asked his over 340,000 followers that take advantage of today to embrace their parents, telling your partner that he loves her, take a coffee with the neighbor, or who play and love their pets.

“Eat good, stay away from the bad, be good, focus on positive thinking and the estuary, that is called living”, wrote Veronica Giraldo at the end of your publication.

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