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The scenes on Iron Man that means a lot to Robert Downey Jr.


It is easy for the playboy Tony Stark, one of the superheroes of the Universe Film marvelita, is the character that most identify themselves to the actor, new york Robert Downey Jr. for the rest, when the awards that we have granted are to be your protagonist of Chaplin (Richard Attenborough, 1992), its Larry Paul of Ally McBeal (David E. Kelley, 1997-2002) and his shrewd detective Sherlock Holmes (Guy Ritchie, 2009). But, not in vain, he has gotten on your skin up to ten times and, perhaps, another for what we will see in the future. And this circumstance is not the most intimate that has given him Iron Man.

The scene of the cheeseburguer humanize Tony Stark and teaches the product of Burger King, but after this, it is also the last of Robert Downey Jr.

In the homonymous film (Jon Favreau, 2008) starts the Saga of the Infinite, which ends with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from home (Joe and Anthony Russo, Jon Watts, 2019), Stark only has two requests for the military of the united States after having escaped from his captivity in Afghanistan on account of the terrorist group The Ten Rings: you organize a press conference —and announce then that his company would cease the manufacture of weapons, to the chagrin of his evil partner Obadiah at stane (Jeff Bridges)— and a “hamburger with cheese american,”.

“The majority of viewers probably took this scene as the effort of the film to humanize Tony”explains Kara Hedash in Screen Rant. “After being a prisoner for so long, all I wanted was a little comfort food, something that was not unlikely for people in that situation.” However, “others saw the moment as a simple product placement” because Burger King was one of the sponsoring companies of Iron Man. And, of course, it is more likely that both interpretations are all correct, but there is something more after the cheeseburger of the film.

Robert Downey Jr. it was decided in a Burger King to gather together all the drugs that kept, dropping them to the ocean and rehab

Robert Downey Jr. do not have hidden that in the past suffered from addiction to drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and the horseby whose tenancy was arrested on several occasions. But one day, reflecting on his situation while zampaba a burger at a local Burger King, realized that they could not follow as well and that he urgently needed a radical change in your life. So, after gathering the drugs that kept to get rid of all of them, threw them into the ocean. Went to therapy for rehabilitation and, from 2003, has always been sober with the help of his family.

“The scene of Burger King in Iron Man had to pay tribute to their recognition that the company contributed to save her life,” points out Hedash. Something quite exaggerated in the light of the anecdote because, although the place in which the actor was determined to put an end to his drifting self-destructive of a drug addict, incontinent it would have remained etched in the memory because, yes, the moment was dramatic for him, the burger did nothing to arrive at that point. But in no way should we ignore that include the cheeseburger serves as a nod vital to her happy rehabilitation.

In fact, in the film, which concludes the cycle, the narrative of Tony Stark insists on this idea: after his funeral in Avengers: Endgamehis friend , Happy Hogan (Favreau, who had directed Iron Man) asks the little Morgan (Lexi Rabe) if you are hungry, and the girl responds that he wants cheeseburgers. And Hogan, excited and pleased, told him: “you Know what? Your father also liked the burgers with cheese”. And is that maybe there was a better way to attach emotionally to the two Stark in just thirty seconds with the transformed life of the actor to put a face to one of them.

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