The sexy proposal of Kylie Jenner to Travis Scott on Instagram


Travis Scott turned 28 this April 30 and Kylie Jenner decided to celebrate big time their new age. It not only created a feast of impact for your partner, but that he declared his love on social networks with a proposition sex that left everyone with the mouth open.

Kylie he shared in his Instagram a series of images that shows what a loving relationship is with Travis Scott and he wrote: “to see you evolve and become the partner, friend, son and father that you are today has been very enriching ♥ ️ my best real life friend and my husband all in one. I love you and I am very proud of you. happy happy birthday ?? we will cjr and having another baby.”

This proposal was surprised to their fans as seldom as the couple showing their love in public, and in addition, they are expensive, yes they are planning to have another baby.

Kylie it was not the only one to congratulate Travis on his birthday, since her mother Kris Jenner also joined the celebration with a tender message that he’s grateful that Travis so happy with Kylie and that is a great father to Stormi.