The Spanish artist has fallen in love with Will Smith want to work with Rosalia and C. Tangana | Today


This week Will Smith viralizó a video in which he appeared he in format animation by repeating a phrase that he had said during the quarantine, accompanied by the music of Drake. A mounting artistic signature, a filmmaker Spanish. “This is spectacular”, wrote next to this work that he shared in networks.

The artist in question, Daniel Moreno (not to be confused with ‘The Rooster’), living in Barcelona, has 41 years old and works as a director of video clips and animator, the two facets that have combined in images that have won the actor and american singer.

We wanted to talk with him to see how the idea came about, what has been the impact and the feedback we have received, and aspirations that you have in this regard. Would you have told Will Smith something after seeing your work?

How did the idea of making this video?

I am very active in that sense and I’m always trying new things. I already had around the head to do something related to Will Smith a long time ago. I follow him on IG and in one of his videos during the confinement, said a sentence that struck me and I found it inspiring. I turned on the light bulb and I thought it would be fun to make an animation. In addition, as he is a rapper it occurred to me to also add music and play with your voice. I put together a video prior to that night and I liked it. So I put hands to the work, and did the animation.

Drake and Will Smith, why them?

I’m a follower of Will Smith from the times The Prince of Bel Air. So I was talking with a friend recently; he is a showman, pure. Always fun and positive, a genuine crack. And Drake I’m a fan from years ago, is one of those figures that change the way of making music. I have been many years in hip hop groups and if you listen to how to make rap and trap right now, they seem to all his children. ¡Top!

You asked for people to etiquetara to Will Smith for that to happen to her your video and came to him, what did you think when you saw it on your IG?

¡Buf! Let adrenaline rush full! At first I thought it was an account of fans of Will and at the time I saw that it had really been him. I didn’t quite believe it! I thought with all the people that should be trying to do the same, I have chosen to me. Amazing! The feeling that my plan has worked to perfection, just the best things that I take away from all this.

What feedback have you received since then?

The response in general has been amazing. Very excited to see how people that don’t know is happy for you and congratulates you. I’ve gotten a lot of followers on Instagram, I have lots of emails and DM taking an interest in my work. And the media coverage both in Spain and in Latin america has been brutal.

Have you ever had any other interaction with Will Smith since then?

The truth is that it does not. I wrote to him to thank him, but not answered, though in truth, I can’t complain. I don’t rule out looking for him and go out for drinks with him when all the confinement ends.

You’ve also done a portrait of their daughter Willow, what have I to do with this family?

“What you feel… it’s called obsession! Is that they are very nice people all. Give off positivity and are very aware of their fans. That encouraged me to do so.

Is there some anecdote about this that has happened?

It has reached Me a song of a famous artist that I have in the exclusive. We are talking about the possibility of doing a video clip. More surprises soon!

Are you a director of video clips, what is that you’re most proud of?

For me the most special so far is the Magnolia for Rufus T. Firefly. Your music is amazing and I think that is the one that has come out more round. In addition, it brought me so much joy when he was selected in several festivals in Europe and the united States.

Also you are a musician, what are your aspirations in this sense?

Right now the music is part of my life through video clips. Still living with me, although he does not compose. My highest aspiration in this regard is to work on video clips with Rosalia or C. Tangana. I am a super fan of the two and I seem to be a few cracks.