The story behind the hashtag #DemiLovatoisOverParty: would involve Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez | TV Show


A simple Twitter hashtag could trigger a scandal among celebrities americans. What’s involved? nothing less than Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, examigas and exrostros of Disney.

It all started this afternoon, when a Twitter user created a hashtag called #DemiLovatoIsOverParty (Demi is canceled), in which call for leave in evidence an alleged ugly action that made the star Camp Rock towards your ex-partner.

According to detailed newspaper English The Sunthis evening is leaked on social media a video that showed Lovato with her boyfriend streamed to Instagram. The account is @traumaqueen4eva, that would be the private profile of the singer (where they are only family and friends).

Until there everything was normal, however, on Twitter also got to know some post that would have been made on that account. In all of them, supposedly, Lovato referred to in a derogatory way to Selena Gomez.

A snapshot shows the exactriz Disney holding a cover of People magazine, where they left her and Gomez in the main photo. There is seen the face of Selena and striped the phrase: “You can call me ‘Petti Labelle”.

According to detailed the said medium, a close to Lovato stated that: “At this time there are several publications of counterfeit circulating in social networks about Demi”.

He added: “it Is sad that people find time to attack others when the world has problems far more important to focus on this moment.”

It should be noted that, since we started this hashtag, in the account @traumaqueen4eva erased much of the literature. Currently there is only one post.


On the other hand, from the side of Selena Gomez not have referred to this situation.

Some days ago the actress texan confessed, through a transmission by Instagram Live, which has bipolar disorder, which has been treated in clinics of the united States.

“I recently went to one of the best psychiatric facilities, the McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, in the united States, and I realized finally that, after years of going through many different things, this is a bipolar disorder,” she said at the time.

“The more information I have, the more it helps me. You can’t scare me, once I know what it is. When I finally decided that he wanted to know everything I took away the fear of this disease, I am not afraid”, he added in the opportunity.