The surprising decision of Orlando Bloom before I met Katy Perry


After Katy Perry announced her pregnancy, the last thing we expected was to know that Orlando Bloom had decided to stay celibate for 6 months before you know it.

Orlando made this astonishing confession Sunday Times and he admitted that after going through a time of existential crisis in which was not one hundred percent happy, a friend suggested him to try celibacy: “If you want to take seriously in a relationship, looks to be celibate for a few months and find out“.

The actor apostilló: “I dropped the idea of going to a party and think: ‘who will I meet?’ Suddenly I said to myself: ‘Oh, I can have a relationship with a woman who is only a friend‘ ” so he encouraged and tried his luck.

Bloom admitted that this stage in a first moment was to last for three months and was extended for three more: “Really I enjoyed the way in which I interacted with the women and with the feminine inside of me. I know that sounds crazy.”

When he was asked by the adult film expressed freely their opinion claiming that it seems “super disruptive” for your sex life and your libido and, in addition, confessed to not having masturbated for all that time. “Completely nothing. It was a craze. I don’t think that is healthy. I don’t think that was advisable. Have to keep it in motion”, he said.