The taste of the reggaeton Karol G


The music of Karol G it’s catchy, perfect to sing and to dance. It is the secret ingredient to make more bearable our time in the kitchen.

Reggaeton is not distinguished by being the music more “singable” in any circumstance, whether in the club, while we work or while we cook.

But, with his characteristic mix of trap, pop, and reggaeton, colombian singer Karol G created a hymn that people sing along with a desire for all of Latin america: Tusahis popular song with Nicki Minaj.

It does not matter that half of the countries where you sing, to cry, wounded, will not know what is meant by the word tusa (another way to tell the spite), because from his lyrics that speak of heartbreak until its hypnotic rhythm captivated with ease to the listeners from all over the continent.

This song, along with other great milestones such as its fantastic and varied album Ocean (2019) and their latest single Follow (2020), show that Karol G sing a new blend of reggaeton not only accompanies us on the dance floor.

But that also puts rhythm to our work, to exercise, with which we sing in the shower and even with that we want to cook.

Fortunately, for this last point we have the playlist perfect of reggaeton to accompany us to the kitchen.

A playlist that not only brings out the best in Karol G but songs of the other artists that put flavor and movement to our recipes.

With a collection of stars as J Balvin, Lalo Ebratt, Lola Indigo and the very Daddy Yankeethis list of Spotify is the best ingredient at the time to get cooking.

You can listen to this playlist at:

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