The tweet-viral that puts Bad Bunny in your site and extolling Shakira


The importance of having historical memory. That is what has become clear with a recent tweet in which reveals that one of the achievements that are attributed to Bad Bunny it belongs neither by a long shot, but that is a milestone that, in his day, already got Shakira. Social networks have been ordered to pull a newspaper library and have ended up facing the two artists without even them being aware (or themselves) of what happens.

The riot had its origin on Twitter and is due to a message which reads verbatim: “Bad Bunny is the first Latin american artist of Spanish-speaking at occupy the cover of Rolling Stone USES, a global institution, and used the space to talk about musical innovation, political critique and dignity of women and the LGBT+”.


And of course, the networks not only have been burned, but have burned down. The reason is not that Twitter hates Bad Bunny but this message lies in a very important data: that the puerto rican is not the first Latin artist of Spanish-speaking at occupy the cover of Rolling Stone.

It has been so done to know a user that has posted a screenshot of this tweet and it has been juxtaposed to the cover of the magazine where appears Shakira
, a cover that belongs to the era in which the singer posted Laundry Service, a disc that includes his mega hit Luck (Whenever, whatever in its English version).


This “settling of accounts” triggered a brawl virtual in which Shakira and Bad Bunny are the main characters without even having involved themselves. To appear, many of the fans of the colombian have felt offended to see how that achievement gotten for her years ago, has been ignored and has been attributed to the king of the trap.

In fact, have not rescued a cover of Rolling Stone until four in the that Shakira is the protagonist, one of them along with Mary J. Blidge and Britney Spears. Other messages such as “This current generation believes that the world was made when they were born they. The ignorance is very daring” they manifested a lack of knowledge of some users of the network.


This fight in networks with Shakira and Bad Bunny as protagonists reminds that some time ago had Maluma y Alejandro Sanz when the colombian boasted of being the first Spanish-language artist in the act at the MTV VMA s.

In that moment, yes that was itself involved, that is to say Alejandro Sanz, who gave a touch of attention and reminded through social media that this achievement got him nothing less than ten years before.

Maluma hairstyles two instagram

Maluma hairstyles two instagram