The words of the older sister Karol G then nearly run over


The older sister of the reggaetonera colombian Karol G, Vernica Giraldo, pas a major scare on Thursday when, while walking his pet was almost hit by a car.

Then you can calm down, the beautiful young aprovech the window that give the social networks to tell them what happened and reflect on your life:

The day of yesterday, it was something unexpected, it happened that almost my puppy pit and we arroya a car, the life happened for a second, after that it is left in shock.

The beautiful influencer said that what happened made him think of the value that has the time and the little advantage that is this resource in the daily life, when they are other things that are seen as priorities.

I thought of what there are times we waste life arguing for nonsense, being wrong with the person we love, we waste so much life and taking care of purchasing and acquiring more things and we forget to enjoy them, we have material things and no I assure you I use it only once or twice and then stored.

Also said that after the event is propondr think less about the future and enjoy the now, always thinking positive and thanking them for what they have.

So my loves, take advantage of the today, hug your dads if you have them, tell your partner that he loves her, that is all for her, enjoy the neighbor to the side, sit down, have a coffee, play with your puppy, cuddle, give peaks as I do to this baby that you see in the photo, eat good, stay away from the bad, be good, focus on positive thinking, and ra That is called living…