third parties are best


I don’t think this a spoiler ahead already same the following: the ninth episode of the third season of Ozark is, in all likelihood, the best you will see on television this year. For both gives. The final scene of that chapter, shot in a restaurant on the edge of a road, with a Laura Linney in the foreground glaring anthology, worthy of framing. And the word chosen refers to the condition pictorial of the same. Looks like a version in dialogue of the extraordinary box Nighthawks, painted by Edward Hopper in 1942, and considered, with judgment, sum accurate visual of american life and his loneliness at night. To paint the picture, according to the own Hopper said, was inspired by the story The Killers, by Ernest Hemingway, published 15 years before.

The story, translated into English as The murderers, there were two film versions noticeable, in 1946 directed by Robert Siodmak (one of the best police I have ever seen), and another in 1964, which was in charge of Don Siegel, who years later directed dirty Harry, another exemplary case of “police” dirty”, the one where anything goes, because the law, as might be expected, there is always the side of good. I present these references to highlight a key aspect to understand the essence of Ozark: is tv for streaming by its own merits, is inserted in the grand narrative tradition american, reaching in several instances in the story condition of classic. If this is not the best series police available on Netflix, around.

I mentioned to Hemingway, perhaps the american storyteller par excellence, who, along with another also from the midwest, Mark Twain, captured to perfection the everyday life as it is and live in the very heart of that country. The first was born in Illinois, the other in the neighboring state of Missouri. The central action of Ozark takes place in a very particular zone of Missouri, but has connections with Kansas City, Kansas, and Chicago, the great metropolis of Illinois. Even more, one of the episodes of the current season features a special appearance by REO Speedwagon, one of the groups of rock’s most well-known native of Illinois, which performed by playback a version of the classic Time for Me to Fly.

The insistence on the topic of the origin and the origin has its why, and it is confirmed in the name of the characters: Marty, Wendy, Charlotte, Jonah, Wyatt, Darlene, characteristic of a region of the united States and recognizable at the first change by anyone who has lived there. That area, where I lived for four years, is a world dominated by white people. Not in vain, in the series only appear a black one and a black one (both FBI agents), and very few hispanics, one of them being mexican, the capo of the organization. If there are drugs, there should be any. With your aura representative of the strange, unexpected and quirky of the human condition in a geographical environment section of the urban centers, the plateau of the Ozarks, in southern Missouri, region, mysterious and peculiarísima of the american midwest, Ozark it becomes a sort of couch (by the way, one of the characters that appears is a psychologist), in which the soul of some individuals in crisis, is examined.

With a desire insistent, the series seeks to capture the life of an average family in the american midwest, which has strayed from its path and bourgeois of 40 hours per week. With this scenario, human weapon a frieze visual, rhetorical and anecdotal only. The winks at a familiar world are recognizable. We must go back to the series The untouchables, in the 1960s, to find a similar portrait of the american middle class in their attempt to change social status through their insertion in the underworld, in this case, the world with no codes of drug trafficking. On the basis of areas recognizable reality, Ozark build your committed epic, bordering with the stories of the families that crossed into diligence the Far West in search of a better life and whose journey they had to face the worst challenges.

Composed of ten chapters, the third season of Ozark it is the best in several aspects. Mainly, by bringing powerful tino dramatic, with infrequent pulse narrative, the struggle for survival and the pursuit of profit at the same time, since, as at this height we already have it clear, in the world of drug trafficking, there is input, but not output. Never comes out as it was entered, or, better said, it is difficult to go out live or free. That is precisely the great dilemma faced by the family Byrde, the parents and their two children now –from this season– teens and that is the engine of the story: how to get rid of the capo of the mexican cartel Navarro for which they work, without having to make concessions to the FBI that has a shot, but don’t want to catch them, because the goal of the federal is a large fish?

The first season of Ozark saved by little become another generic product of the world of the narcos, repeating the same clichés and situations of the other series and movies made about such a limited topic, limited at least in terms of the narrative and visual aesthetic frequented up to now. The ten chapters of the second season, in contrast, were overwhelming in presenting the different versions of the dark side of the human soul. The plot began to get complicated from the crescendo emotional characters, so they were more side. In that parade of self-destructive behaviors, there were few that managed to be saved.

The third season is a separate category. Bases its effectiveness unchallengeable in two bloody aspects: at the time that the drug manages trillions of dollars and has influence everywhere, anyone can fall into the temptation of the silver appearance easy. The narcos are everywhere. Their money is. Even in a region that until not long ago it was idyllic and rustic, such as the lakes in Ozark. There, in a state that lacks the glamour of other of the American Union, such as California, Massachusetts or New York, and that is rarely depicted in film or television –in music the story is different, because there have left Chuck Berry, miles Davis and Tina Turner, among others– is the action of a series is converted, by choice, in the metaphor of the times in which we live. Evil now reigns even in the bowels conservative of a country and of a specific region. It is not in vain in the rugged area of Missouri were filmed two very good movies, chilling by his sinister plot, Winter’s Bone (blood Ties), which dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence, and You’re Next (Hunting Macabre), the talented Adam Wingard. In Missouri, the real neighbor to the horror. Do not go to Colombia or Mexico to see the horrors everyday of drug trafficking.

In Arcadia, fictional town of Missouri, was the television series Resurrection, whose first season was remarkable, and in which the dead resucitaban without apparent cause. By what seen, in this state there are those who, as the family Byrde, manage to survive any challenge, even in the middle of the crossfire between drug traffickers and federal police. In the fourth season, we will know how many lives has the cat and if the last that can be will get to redeem himself, in the event that the redemption figure in its plans. From already, one thing is clear: so that the recent third season Ozark raises, the conclusion of the series has everything to become one of the most expected final of the history of television.