This is how Cara Delevingne defends Ashley Benson for their rumors of infidelity


The unexpected rupture of Cara Delevingne with Ashley Benson, the past month of April, it was announced publicly just a few days ago, and shortly after began to especularse, with the possibility that the star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ he would have started been unfaithful to the model british when you start a new romance with rapper G-Eazy, while he remained with her.

The rumors seem to have been confirmed this Wednesday, when actress Ashley Benson (30 years old) he was photographed going to pick up a food order to a restaurant in Los Angeles ¡accompanied by the musician!

According to several witnesses, the two were kissing in the interior of the vehicle in which they arrived at the local, but the paparazzi didn’t capture that moment.

The rapidity with which the interpreter would have spent page after the end of their love story nearly two years with the british angry at some of the old fans of the couple, but other have not hesitated to defend the innocence of Ashley.

‘You can’t say that they are leaving just for a like and a few comments. How Ashley can’t have friends? Stop saying that Ashley was unfaithful, or even Face. They need their friends more than ever!’, he wrote on Instagram a fan of Benson along with the screenshot of an article that claimed the alleged infidelity of the actress. This post earned a like from the star of ‘PLL’.