To Hailey Baldwin will affect comparisons with Selena Gomez


Hailey Baldwin
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This week, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin launched his reality show The Bieber on Watchthrough Facebook Watch. The couple decided to create this channel to maintain a direct communication with their fans during the quarantine.

In one of the episodes, the model opened her heart and decided to talk about the relationship that the singer maintains with his fans, something that, on several occasions makes her feel “insecure.”

“It is not easy when people have fans that are really passionate and want to express their opinion, and many times there are many children and young people who would never understand the truth behind a relationship because they are so young that they have not experienced yet,” he said in his message.

Similarly, Hailey also replied to some fans who will write only to tell you that Selena Gomez, former spouse of Justin Bieber, will continue to be the one and only true love of her husband.

“I think that when someone has so much to say, or goes to such lengths to make others feel worse, is because in the background what is going wrong. It helps Me to remember that these people are probably dealing with their own problems,” said Baldwin.

“There is nothing simple about the truth. Justin knows that to me it is very hard for the things that people are saying and the way in which will always make comparisons. In that sense, they have made me feel less a woman,” added the model.