Vanessa Paradis and Winona Rider are still defending Johnny Depp


The singer French Vanessa Paradis and the american actress Winona Ryder came out to make public his support to Johnny Depp in the midst of the trial that keeps the actor against the british newspaper The Sun, where was published an article that described him as violent. Paradis and Winona were a couple of Depp in different moments of his life.

The conflict dates back to 2018 when The Sun published a note in which it was said that Depp, the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean, had beaten his then-wife, the american actress Amber Heard.

The relationship had ended a year before, after a year of married and Heard, denounced him for physical and psychological violence.

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In front of the accusation and the scandal, Depp remained in silence, and even came out to light episodes of aggression that he would have suffered on the part of Heard.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis when they were together.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis when they were together.

Now, two of his former partners claim that Depp would never have been able to exert violence. “During all those years, Johnny has been a man and father, gentle, loving, generous and non-violent,” said Paradis, who split from the actor in 2012, and with whom he has two children. “He has never been violent or abuser to me,” he clarified.

Johnny Deep and Winona Ryder were engaged and shared cast in “The young the hands of scissors”.

For her part, Winona Ryder, whom he had a dating relationship with Depp in the 90’s, also joined in defense of the actor. The lawyers Depp announced that they have the testimony of it to present in the trial, through a videoconference.

The actress ensures that you can’t understand why Amber spoke of abuse. “He never was violent with me, never but never showed aggressive while we were together,” he said.

Paradis is also willing to declare the judgment, in favor of her ex-husband. In principle, the hearing was going to be in march in London, but due to the pandemic, has been postponed to July.

“I’ve known Johnny for over 25 years. We were together for 14 and have raised our two children between both,” said Vanessa in a written statement submitted by the lawyers of Depp.

johnny Depp and Amber Heard, when they were married.

johnny Depp and Amber Heard, when they were married.

But that is not the only trial facing Johnny Depp these days. On the other side of the Atlantic, before the complaint is Heard, the actor denied it all and was presented before the justice of the united States to make a claim for defamation against his ex-wife.

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