What he saw Shawn Mendes? Look at Camila’s Hair competing for who can eat better a banana


Apparently, the small obsession of Camila’s Hair came very far. Now, leaked a video where, during an interview, competing with another girl to see who can eat better (and more spicy) a banana. The result is amazing!

Camila Hair it is one of the young pop singers of the moment. His relationship with the artist Shawn Mendes, has also boosted the career of both, because the fans adore this couple, after the song, ‘Miss’.

Currently, they live together and do small live shows on social networks, and so pander to the desire of their followers to see them singing and playing the guitar. Until she dared to dance!

But these weeks at home, they also allow a lot of things come to light, as the following video. Abstain those that suffer from heart attacks or palpitations. It is very shocking!

That’s right: the singer Camila Cabello competes with another girl for who can eat better, more spicy and looks more cute eating banana. Did you know that one of the obsessions of the cuban-american are the bananas? He confessed that eat with any meal, even soup.

It should not surprise us, then, your attitude in the video but yes many caused them grace as you saw it so competitive and the driver is enticed to the actions of both ‘contestants’. ¡OMG!