What is witchcraft? Vera Wang is 70 years old but looks 25. I look at the pictures!!!


Fans of fashion know and recognize the name of Vera Wang or perceive your designs from very far away because they are uniquely beautiful, especially the bride.

Let us remember that among the designs most famous of the creative woman are the wedding gowns of international celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner, among others.

But in these days the celebrity of oriental origin it was viral not because of one of their beautiful designs, but by their appearance.

The artist he received his 70 years a few days ago and no one can believe the capsule of the time in which it is kept the famous woman.

Photos of Vera were viralizadas in comparative mode with portraits of 40/50 years ago, to demonstrate that the passage of time did not, nor tickle.

With these pictures of your social networks, you can check why so many internet users were astonished to learn the age of the famous designer.

To ask Wang about the secret formula for keeping your skin smooth and soft with the passage of the years was sincere: “Work, dreams, a cocktail of vodka, not too much sun…”