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Spider-Man 3, the return of the prodigal son

The story of Spider-Man on the big screen is more complex than it may seem. The reason, of course, is in the character’s rights, which are not in the hands of Marvel (and Disney) but in the possession of Sony. This was already put in danger the continuity of the superhero in the films of the UCM, after a soap opera, happened last year, in the companies being unable to agree on the distribution of the profits generated by Spider-Man.

If you need that you remember quickly what happened, what happened (roughly) was that Disney is tired of perceiving only 5% of the vast fortune that was generating a Spider-Man increasingly appreciated and suggested to ask for more money (45%, neither more nor less). To Sony this seemed to be a savagery, closed in band and announced that he was Peter Parker from Marvel. The site was a capital of the house of the mouse: Spider-Man had already been pointed out, neither more nor less than as the spiritual successor to Iron Man, so that their participation in the great fabric that has formed Marvel was the determining factor. This is so, that there was no choice but to sit down and renegotiate the situation to get to an agreement that finally saw the light a month later the shock of his departure.

Spider-man - Iron Man

With this you are assured at least the launch of Spider-Man 3a tape that closes the trilogy, started by Spider-Man: Homecoming and continued by Spider-Man: Far from homeall a success at the box office.

Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in the number 15 of the comic Amazing Fantasy, 10 August 1962. It is one of the most iconic characters in the world of graphic illustration and one of the superheroes most popular of all time. It is understood that your story is like both on the big screen, fueled of course, by an entertaining story, a good conjugation with the rest of the UCM (the participation of the character in the tapes of the Avengers has been key) and an actor that seems to suit him as ring to the finger.

Will the third part of the expectations? Since then the bar could not be higher.


Synopsis of Spider-Man 3

Given that the film is still in development (in fact, its release will depend on that you can re-roll soon as they went in it when it caught the break by the pandemic), we do not yet have a synopsis official, or information on the part of Marvel about what events will take place during this film.

We start with that yes one of the scenes poscréditos of Spider-Man: Far from home (remember that you had two) in which the whole world found out that under the mask of Spider-Man hidden Peter Parker, who until now had remained secret, in but possible time: after being accused of having killed so vindictive to Mystery -under these lines.


See Spider-Man in this situation is something completely new. The superhero has always acted anonymously and he has never been considered in addition to a villain, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the story with these important elements, that will undoubtedly change everything.

Cast of the film

It seems incredible that when it was learned that Tom Holland it would be the new Spider-Man many reluctance among, and today it is difficult to conceive of the character if not played by this young actor. His great commitment -is extremely active in networking when it comes to promoting the films of the house and actively participates in the scenes of action, and their sympathy out of the cameras, and his charisma have led Holland to become one of the faces more recognizable than Marvel and in the Spider-Man perfect for many.

Spider-man: Far from home

It is for this reason that he will be back in charge of giving life to Spider-Man in this third movie, along Zendaya, who makes of his girlfriend, MJ, and has also been confirmed. Imagine that Marisa Tomei, who plays aunt May, and Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan will also be present. What remains a great mystery at the moment is the villain. Recall that (supposedly) Mystery died in the second delivery (unless you have faked with your illusions), so someone will have to pick up the baton.

Trailer Spider-Man 3

Evidently, while still in development the tape, we’re hardly going to have an advance official movie. To not leave you empty handed in the meantime, in this section, we invite you to take a look at the two scenes poscréditos of Spider-Man: Far from homeso you put on best in a situation.

When it debuts Spider-Man 3?

This comes to be the great question of the million in the entire production of which we speak. And is that large paron because of the coronavirus have drawn a map difficult to predict and above all to manage. Disney has moved tab several times already and has reo I organised an agenda and the premieres of all the movies and series of the UCM that I had planned here in the next two years.

Spider-man: Far from homeSpider-Man 3 comes in a bag with a change is not especially traumatic (for the moment): instead of getting to the big screen July 16, 2021, the November 5, that year, almost four months later. As I told the project is still in development and missing a lot of shooting, so we’ll have to take the dates with tweezers. If this goes on too much in the time, will still not be able to record and therefore will not arrive in time for the end of 2021. We’ll see.