Will Smith’s ‘broken’ social networks with a new rap (VIDEO)



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Will Smith not surprising in social networks, after the reunion of the cast of The Prince of Rap. This Friday, the actor I Am Legend took to Twitter to sorprender young people with their rap in the remix of “Will”the song Joyner Lucas had paid homage at the beginning of march.

The participation of Will Smith it has caused such an impact that lasted for hours between the most commented subjects on Twitterwith reposteos of the song, some of their quotes and photos of his career, which has included four albums as a rapper between 1998 and 2005.

The collaboration was born when singer, songwriter, poet and music producer Luke released his song “Will” on how Smith had been inspired and influenced and after the actor expressed that he felt honored and gave him “thank you humbly”.

In the verse which Smith contributed to the song emphasized how he had created his success in a way “clean” and did a walk through some of the most important moments of its historydelivering a “rose” to the people who had influenced his career.

Among them are Nelson Mandelto, Muhammad Ali, Eddie Murphy and the late actor from his series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, James Avery, who played the role of his uncle.

In addition to his collaborator Jazzy Jeff, his wife Jada Pinkett-Smithhis co-star in the series Bad Boys Martin Lawrence and their children Jaden and Willow Smith.

“I must have forgotten that I really get busy. They must have forgotten who invented ‘Get Jiggy’. Before there were sales in ‘streaming’. Long before iTunes and the fans still had to buy the CD. I sold 60 albums, was by all parties (…). I did it all without bad words, because it didn’t have to curse to tell the reality”, rapeó the artist.

Smith, of 51 years, regained its place on the altar of the idols of the teenagers existing in 2017, when he began to do specialized content for social networks.

The rest of his family joined his revolution on the internet when you launch the section of the “Table red” on Facebook. In addition, his third film in the series Bad Boys it was a box-office success at the beginning of the year.