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  • Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick star in this ‘dramedy’ of intrigue directed by Paul Feig (‘The wedding of my best friend’).
  • The director costume was inspired by Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Madonna to create the look of Blake Lively.

    It is one of the genres that we like: intrigue, crime, dramedy… But it is difficult to do well. We talk about films wonderful as ‘The godfather’, ‘Heat’, ‘One of ours’, ‘L. A. Confidential’, ‘Scarface’, all them movies that have already passed to the history of cinema.

    ‘A small favor’ it is clear that is not going to swell the list of the best films of crime in the history of cinema and compare it with ‘The godfather’, for example, is a sacrilege! But yes, it is an entertaining film, well made and that, despite having been released two years ago, has conquered now the Spanish users of Netflix, in these days of confinement has been chosen as one of the most views (at the time of writing this article deals with the number 7 of the top 10 movies of the platform).

    According to the synopsis official, “Emily (Blake Lively) has asked a small favor from her best friend Stephanie (Anna Kendrick): to take care of his son one afternoon. When Emily does not go to pick up your child, Stephanie begins to worry. Stephanie will seek to discover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of Emily”.

    The film presents to us two women are diametrically opposed: Stephanie, that represents the perfect mother, while maintaining a vlog of recipes; and Emily, who is not interested in the kitchen, dressed always very elegant, ‘passes’ of his son and is delivered to the alcohol as if there was no tomorrow. In this dichotomy, Emily disappears, and begins the intrigue…

    Directs Paul Feig, responsible for titles such as ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016), ‘The wedding of my best friend’ (2011) and several episodes of series like ‘The Office’ or ‘Arrested Development’. Get an entertaining film, something long of footage-there are almost two hours and could be solved in less time-but with a plot that entertains and keeps the viewer hooked.

    It is a adaptation of the homonymous novel by Darcey Bell (Sum of Letters, 17,95 euros and also in Kindle edition for 9,49 euros), the first work of the writer, whose film rights were bought before it got out the book. The adaptation has been performed by the writer Jessica Sharzer (responsible for the libretto of, for example, the television film of ‘Dirty Dancing’ or ‘American Horror Story’

    The curiosities that are hidden behind the film of the moment

    • In the weeks leading up to the premiere of ‘A small favor’, Blake Lively took out all their profile pictures of Instagram and continued to be nothing less than ¡28 accounts! of people who call as her character, Emily Nelson.
    • Emily always wears suits because Blake Lively wanted to differentiate this character from that was in Gossip Girl, although both women are very sophisticated Upper East Side: “I Wanted to have a look and an environment that is very different,” he said. Specifically, it is inspired by the masculine style of the director Paul Feig: “buttoned, three-piece suit, bow tie, handkerchief in his pocket, twins,” he explained. Lively took advantage of his contacts to get clothes from Ralph Lauren.
    • The costume designer, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, was inspired by various ‘celebrities’ to the ‘looks’ of Blake Lively, among them Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Madonna.
    • The writer Jessica Sharzer said that the aspect that was most interested in telling in the film was how women are forced in life to opt for a role, and then they are punished for the same role.
    • Emily is a great drinker, but Blake Lively has not tasted alcohol in his life.
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      • To create the look of Anna Kendrick, as the sweater with pom-poms, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus analyzed several moms instagramers. The actress looks 39 changes of clothes in the film, which are changing according to evolving your character.
      • Sean, the male protagonist who plays Henry Golding, is inspired by Cary Grant.
      • The offices of Dennis Nylon (Rupert Friend) is built completely from scratch in a warehouse, trying to ensure that your design reflects what you are feeling and what happens to Stephanie in that moment.
      • The director of photography, John Schwartzman, ensures that to give with the tone of the film was inspired by the “bright colors and poppies” from ‘blue Velvet’ by David Lynch.

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