A surprising deepfake turns to Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland starring role in Back to the future


Fans of the universe Marvel they are literally freaking out at the prospect of seeing two of his favorite actors, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., converted into the protagonists of the mythical Back to the future. Unfortunately, it is all a fake.

In social networks has been viralizado a video of Youtube that shows the two actors, popular for his roles of Spiderman and IronMan respectively, in a scene from the movie that popularized Michael J. Fox. But this is not a remake or a tribute consented, but a deepfake, a fake video made by the youtuber EZRyderX47.


The clip superimposes the faces of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland on the faces of the actors of the original film, Christopher
Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. What is certain is that the result is extremely real and convincing, and even the choice of the two actors is seen right by the resemblance that they have with the actors of the original film.

For many users of social networks, the deepfake it has the added value of imagining the Avengers starring in this cult classic of science fiction premiered in 1985. Robert Downey Jr “interprets” the role a version something more attractive to the scientific Doc Brownwhile Tom Holland surprised if amazing resemblance to the Marty McFly to which she gave life Michael J. Fox.

However, what the technology has not been able to manipulate, still, are the voices of the actors. That we can hear in this scene correspond to the actors original, but the faces that we see are really the actors of Spider-Man and Iron Man.

This is not the first time that Robert Downey Jr is the subject of a deepfake. Last November, the site of cinema Collider filed a putative round table discussion with famous actors, among which was Downey Jr. Tom Cruise, Jeff Goldblum, George Lucas and Ewan McGregor. However, none of them was really in the room.

The same youtuber EZRyderX47, the author of the video of Back to the future, already made another one with Michael J. Fox as the protagonists. In this video, the protagonist of Back to the future became the very Spiderman in a scene in which the superhero is with Mysterio.

The proliferation of deepfakes that use the face of famous actors opens the door to another type of remakes of great films in that it is not necessary to re-shoot the entire film, but simply to replace the original players for the various other.

The use of the face of celebrity fake videos has proliferated in recent times, especially in the field of porn film. They have also become viral some videos that show the face of Nicholas Cage in different fake videos.

The technology deepfake, which replaces an image or a video existing with the image of another person, has risen also quite controversial for its use in the dissemination of false news and even in the financial fraud.