Adult woman claiming to be the daughter of the husband of Beyonce


La Teasha, Jay-Z

La Teasha “Tee” Macer, 28 years old, wants Jay-Z to submit to a paternity test, because he claims to be his daughter.

The husband of Beyoncé, the singer and music producer Jay-Z, may be the father of a grown daughter.

A woman of 28 years called La Teasha “Tee” Macer recently launched a social media campaign for the singer
recognized as your first-born.

Tee ensures that you have DNA tests confirm that she is the daughter of the rapper of 50 years.

Through his page on Instagram, @jayzfirstdaughter, the woman of Cambridge, Maryland, made claims for the first time a week ago, saying, “I Was quiet for a long time! ( … ) Join me as I explain my story of living in the shadow of being the daughter of Jay-Z in a city where everyone knew that he was my father!”, wrote.

La Teasha shared many images of the young singer and her mom, Lisa Turner, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.

“I grew up watching multiple sclerosis affect my mother (…) Kept it all together, raising four children, including a pair of twins, while studying full time, had two jobs, one in jail and another in the hospital,” he says.

In the video, Tee compared photos of the artist herself: “there is No way you can deny that, especially when there were people that knew him (…) He knows that I exist,” he says.

Days after, Tee shared a publication made by the sister of his mother, Lisa, Terry Turner, in support of his assertion:

“I know the story from beginning to end (…) Jay asked me who she was when I lived on Greenwood Ave, 500, side-to-side. We stayed in the department, so many times, laughing, drinking, smoking, playing cards and a little bit more,” recalls Terry.

Turner further stated that she and Lisa attempted to contact Jay-Z to tell you that I had had a baby with Lisa. However, the people of the husband of Beyoncé responded that there were many women making similar claims over the phone.

Now the girl wants to achieve that the singer accept to undergo a test to confirm his paternity.