An argentinean was surprised by Will Smith with a vid…


An argentinean was surprised by

Extremely active in social networking, Will Smith usually share on Instagram several videos of their day-to-day, their actions, retro and postcards with your family among other things. But it makes some hours, a hollywood actor surprised his nearly four and a half million followers at the repostear a video created by a fan of argentina.

Its publication was accompanied by the following text: “This is FANTASTIC (This is FANTASTIC)”.

But who is the creator? It’s called Juanchi amy dunn and is a content generator that you made a clip of hyperlapse in where we can see Smith in his most diverse roles on the big screen.

In dialogue with Teleshow, Amy dunn said, “First I saw that Will put a ‘like’ on my video. But half an hour reposteó in their networks. Was told to Me by a friend and I couldn’t believe it. First, I took that quiet, but with each passing minute I fell, and I realized how important it was.”

With respect to the work, said: “When I finished making gave me the feeling of wanting to see him back. My people more intimate, said to me that I could not stop seeing it. I imagine that for him to look and see all the characters stuffed into one revolving around what must have surprised a lot and you should have called the attention.