An NGO rejects donation from the rapper


Photo: YouTube Tekasgi 6ix9ine

No Kids Hungry is an organization that fights hunger in the child population of the united States. In this challenging time of a pandemic and the global economic crisis, has intensified even more its noble work.

However, this entity is governed by ethical principles that are not negotiable, and is an example of this is that their legal representatives rejected recently a donation of $200,000 made in his favor by the rapper new yorker Daniel Hernandez. The young man known as Tekashi 6ix9ine he was to be sentenced to life imprisonment, but just get out of prison early on the grounds that it is asthmatic and has a high risk of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to what reported by USA Todaymembers of that NGO explained that they took such a decision following its internal regulations. By means of a statement, they thanked the player for his intent, but left his position clear:

“Because we’re a campaign that’s focused on children, it is our policy to refuse funding from donors whose activities are not aligned with our mission and our values.”

Before that determination, the musician showed himself quite angry. Hernandez criticized the measure, noting that No Kids Hungry “you prefer to get the food out of the mouths of those innocent children” and called the leaders of that organization as “cruel”.

It is worth noting that in the united States, as well as in many other countries, many children depend on public schools for access to their daily meals, and the suspension of classes because of the quarantine has prevented them from accessing these foods.

Days ago, pictures of the scene of hip-hop as Snoop Dogg will also be despatched against Tekashi.

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