Anna Kendrick: ‘it Would be terrible to be like Taylor Swift’ | News


Though Anna Kendrick it is considered one of the actresses young cute and successful, it seems that does not want to be compared with his peer in the world of music, Taylor Swift. The protagonist of Pitch Perfect he was emphatic in The Edit: “It would be terrible to be like Taylor Swift, the perfect version of Miss USA interacting with fans and making sure they have a good experience. Bone, I don’t want people I know and them to lose their day, but I’m happy that I can say something strange, and please know that I am as well”. The redhead was a reference to the spontaneous encounters that Swift organises with her fans more close to you, always ensuring that their fans get the best experience and trying to maintain a close bond with them. “There are times that people will say: ‘let’s Do that! Ya know, do your thing!’, that bothers me a little. But in great shape I am fortunate that that is my reputation, when I am upset, you know that’s my way of communicating,” said the sarcastic and funny actress.