Ariana Grande doesn’t want to consider ‘DIVA’ for this reason


Everything points to the interpreter ‘7 Rings’ do not plan to accept or re to tolerate some refer to it as a ‘diva’ just because, like many other artists of the time, usually don’t have qualms to express their impressions and their view of the world with some security and confidence during their public appearances.

And is that the talented singer Ariana Grande consider the term deriving standards of behavior differentiated and unfair to the men and women of the entertainment industry, because those male figures that act the same way they are treated, frequently, as if they were ‘geniuses’, regardless of any eccentricities or defects that may have.

Ariana Grande considers that the word ‘diva’ is sexist

In his recent interview this Thursday for the radio station Apple Beats 1, the pop star has explained that the adjectives of ‘diva’ only contribute to silence women for fear of being considered arrogant if you are hesitant to talk more because, a idea that considers absurd and that it aims to eliminate once and for all with his example.

‘When some men have to expose their opinions or defend against certain attacks, they are just calling them ‘geniuses’ or considering people ‘bright’, and that is not always the case. The opposite occurs with women, and I hope that we can work to eliminate this tendency. I’m fed up of you feel forced to shut up a little bit just because you are going to call divaas a last resort when they run out of arguments. And do you know what I mean? I’m tired of seeing women silenced’, he confessed Ari broadcaster Zane Lowe.

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