Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson have a film project in common


The actress of 22 years, Bella Thorn is a target of the sensationalist media for their photographs and videos that you post on Instagram. Always with a strong dose of sensuality, delights his followers. This time was no exception; he stole the sighs of all with its most recent publication. But it turns out that the international media have confirmed a good news between her and Paris Jacksonthe daughter of the singer who died Michael Jackson.

The american media announced that tanto Thorne as Jackson, will be part of the cast of a new independent film that take by name “Habit”. In this film project, Beautiful, will embody a nun while Paris will be “jesus Christ.”It is worth mentioning that the tape was filmed long before the pandemic coronavirus in the united States. That is to say, now the process is in the production phase.

Until the time there is not a specific date for the official launch, but the celebrities will have taken out the juice of this film work in their social networks. In addition, it became known that the concept of the film is based on the story of a young man who “has the fetish of Jesus.” Little by little, she escapes a number of problems that are originated by a business of drugs and sees the light at the end of the tunnel by becoming a nun.

In the rest of the postings on Instagram, Bella Thorne makes gala of its attributes and beauty when displayed on postcards, in swimming, in sports clothes, in pictures, with costumes, with friends, with your partner, coming out of the bathroom, dancing and even taking the sun. Each one of your movements is captured in seconds by the tabloids. In addition, we must remember that also form part of the feminist movement and always seek to exalt the woman as it is.

Bella Thorne and her sexuality

Bella is also famous for being the protagonist of Disney. But without warning turned into a girl rebel. The american actress is pure dynamite in the social networks. In past interviews he confessed, without fear, about their sexual orientation. “I’m pansexual,” he acknowledged. It is worth noting that he was under the eye of the hurricane after posting a few intimate photographs that she was blackmailed.