Bill Pullman reacts to the video Deepfake of Donald Trump himself as the president of Independence Day


Pullman portrayed the president in the classic film of 1996, and many mentioned their dramatic global discourse as one of the moments of leadership more inspiring in the film.

While it is possible that you may never know the true motives by which the president can Trump decided that it should be inserted in a time dummy of inspirational leadership in the midst of a true global crisis, we do know what he thought of the man who originally gave life to that speech.

“My voice doesn’t belong to anyone more than me, and I’m not running for president this year,” said Pullman The Hollywood reporter after watching the clip, very upset.

In his last moment of head scratching, the president shared a fake video (not as compelling as most of the fake) of his face superimposed on Bill Pullman for that global speech crucial and powerful that Pullman delivered as president Whitemore in the action movie classic of 1996 “. Independence day.”

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This has been announced by film fans and critics alike as one of the best cinematic moments of all time, and certainly, it remains as a powerful moment of true leadership in a time of uncertainty and fear of global.

The president of Pullman’s Thomas J. Whitmore, at that time was what we all look for in a leadership during uncertain times. It was quiet and reasonable, assertive and fearless, brave and inspiring, uniting and embracing all.

In other words, it was the type of leader that critics have argued that the united States lacks Donald Trump as COVID-19 continues to spread across the world with an increasing number of cases and deaths in the united States and abroad.


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As states begin the process of reopening, Trump seems to be trying to be labeled as the hero of the unification, the strength and inspiration in times of war, putting his face in “Independence Day”.

Who created the video, which has not sought to alter the voice of the Pullman to match with Trump, he also replaced several other faces in that clip for that also they were present the characters of Donald Trump Jr., Ted Cruz and Fox News Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. .

The companion star of “ID4”, Vivica A. Fox, I was also not impressed with the appropriation of Trump’s awe-inspiring moment of your movie. “I can’t believe that insult our classic film this way!” she tweeted. “Oh, the typical behavior of a POS! I never had the leadership or the courage to do this role!”

You can see it, as well as the original part of Trump, and other responses below:

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