C. Tangana an artist surrounded by controversy: Gone with Rosalia


The artist of madrid Antón Álvarez Alfaro, formerly known as Cream and now as C. Tangana, has released a video clip called “Good :(”, where it returns to dive into the depths the more bitter of the success. To “Clip” it has always been accompanied by controversy, as his cancellation of a concert in Bilbao by its letters “sexist” and with a last loving with the singer Catalan Rosalia.

Tangana premiered the music video for Well 🙁, in which we recognise a large amount of metaphors and symbols of the career of this artist from madrid known real name Antón Álvarez Alfaro. In this music clip, we can catch a glimpse of their two Gold records forBad womanand Bootythe posters of AGZ or the calf that was on your disk Idol. In addition, the previously known as Creamappears dressed like that when she sang Poison next to Child of Elche in Operation Triumph, where it generated great controversy after leaving without saying goodbye.

The dress that wears in the video is a tribute to Javier Bardem in the movie Golden eggs (1993) Bigas Luna, a film by C. Tangana have already made reference above. In this film, the protagonist has two dreams: to marry the love of your life and to build the highest skyscraper in Benidorm. In the film, Bardem plays Benito Gonzalez, a man very interested in the sex which is released from the military service and fantasea with money and sexual power.

Pucho, as it is also known, in Well:(, returns to dive into the depths the more bitter of the success. This topic that does not reach two minutes in length, accompanied by an animated music video directed by Litte Spain and performed by Marc Torices under the production of Bliss. This creation full of references of its own, is the culmination of a career where there have been controversial.

An artist labeled as controversial

Tangana is not characterized by having a profile white and does not opine on matters that can generate controversy. The criticism in his music has not gone unnoticed. This happened when he titled Inditex one of his themes within the album that became a star Idol, produced by Sony Music. “Today I have crossed out what you in a month. Look at my name and think of Inditex,” said the letter of the theme baptized with the name of the company galician referred to in the song as.

But, if there was a time that C. Tangana was in the eye of the hurricane was in August of 2019. Anton Alvárez seemed to be one of the artists who, in theory, was going to act in the celebrations of Aste Nagusi of Bilbao. C. Tangana still was not hired by the city Council of bilbao, but the social and political mobilization erupted as it was revealed that the ragman madrid would act in the celebrations of the capital vizcaía the 24 of August of last year.

At that time, the spokesman of Elkarrekin we Can in Bilbao, Ana Viñals, he noted in his petition to the Consistory of bilbao that “it is important to insist on the freedom of creation and artistic expression, but without ignoring that there are letters that can hurt a lot of people. In the case of Tangana and taking into account the machista culture in which we live, it is important to be consistent and not to promote in any way a “macho” culture or a culture of rape with letters of the type ‘I make your bitch empache, I shut up and bend over”.

The social pressure in social networks was high, and the councillor for Cooperation, Conviviality and Festivities of the City of Bilbao, Itziar Urtasundecided to cancel the concert of the rapper C. Tangana for parties of bilbao because, as a Consistory, to have “the obligation not to disseminate this type of messages that denigrate women”.

The eroticism is one of their weapons.

Accusations of sexism aside, C. Have been highlighted for using your own hipersexualización as a creative element more. Never had any problems in posing without clothes and appear naked in music videos. It has also been positioned in favor of LGBT people.

In 2017, in an interview with Risto MejideC. Tangana stated the following: “A man white, successful, heterosexual is condemned to be a product of the patriarchal society. Another thing is to see what you can do with it and how far you can reach. I am a machirulo if you do not want” added the artist. The spaniard has also been pointed out as “gayfriendly”since , in the same interview, appeared the youtuber Otto Vans that showed their support for the singer by giving visibility to the collective.

His relationship with Rosalia

If there is something that has made him to be the media also, this has been its relationship with the greater artistic phenomenon of recent times, the singer Catalan Rosalia. Many see a parallel between the phenomenon Rosalia with the who has starred in C. Tangana. Both collaborated together in 2017, when C. Tangana was starting his own wave of a phenomenon newly discovered. For two years they lived a love story that retroalimentaban each other.

It is difficult to discern on who has most influenced the music of the other. Their love story came to an end just when the Catalan launched his Wrong to want to. Due to the lyrics and the thematic of the songs on the album, the press tracked down the witness of their break in their songs, themes, and video clips as Before you die or Call me later.

C. Tangana with Rosalia.

The first time that they got together on a stage was in the musical contest Primavera Sound 2016. Despite the fact that it is difficult to talk about his life, the Tangana had in The Country how he began his personal and professional story with Rosalie: “I went to search for her. I listened to her sing, and, from the first moment, I knew that I wanted to do themes with it… I had a little bit of blarney and I convinced her”.

A month after their break up, in June 2018, C. Tangana he shared the Primavera Sound with the actress Berta Vázquez, quite an expert in get rid of the photographers during his relationship with Mario Casas. Rosalia, for her part, posted a cartoon on Twitter under the title “When your ex is drowning”, which for a large part of the public was interpreted as a direct message to C. Tangana.

Many seek the couple’s story in the voice of the Catalan, but forgot who had written the letters. The singer from madrid has signed eight of the eleven tracks on the album of Rosalia. The above-mentioned Prisoner, about a relationship toxic, could perfectly describe the relationship status of Tangana just before his rupture and his search for new horizons sentimental the actress Berta Vázquez.

Rosalia, for her part, has hardly been cited to C. Tangana on their multiple interviews. In one of them in Mondo Sonoro it was to praise him and to the generation of creators millenials. “In Spain, my generation, we’re becoming a hollow… Have a billboard in Times Square it is one thing that all of us who are here should be happy. As we should be because Charli XCX put Bad Gyal in your playlist or because C. Tangana make a topic with Becky G.”, he claimed.

Beyond their partners, many believe that both Rosalia and C. Tanga will be the artists who will survive the fashion of the trap and beyond the limits of the generation millennial.