Cara DeLevingne has defended Ashley Benson of criticism for his relationship with G-Eazy


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One of the news that most shocked the fans in the last few weeks, it was confirmation that Cara DeLevingne and Ashley Benson ended their relationship of nearly two years.

The news was announced through a source close to Face, without any of the two would make an official announcement, which left many questions about it.

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However, in a few days, another news shocked even more to the followers of both. In accordance with some photographs of paparazzi, Ashley returned with his previous partner, the rappero G-Eazy.

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Both were caught on the streets of Los Angeles in a plan very romantic, in addition to who had previously exchanged comments and “likes” on their social networks.

Although this does not prove that Ashley Benson and G-Eazy are together or they resumed their relationship, the photos were enough to enrage a large part of the fan Face.

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In fact, several followers created the theory that Ashley Benson was unfaithful to Cara DeLevingne with G-Eazy, or well, that left the supermodel to be able to be with the rappero.

All of this elicited negative comments towards one’s own Ashley.

Before all of this, Face, he came out to talk about his relationship with Ashley… and in fact has a very special request for their fans.

Through a history of Instagram, the model was asked to “stop all the hate towards Ashley”. He added that “now more than ever it is important to spread love and not hatred.”

On the rupture between the two, DeLevingne was very blunt: “you do not know the truth, only we know it and I. And this is how it should stay.”

In this way, Face seeks to protect his ex-girlfriend from the negative comments, in addition to try to quiet the rumors toxic to her about your breakup. Perhaps there is something better that an ex can do for you? Very mature on your part!

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