Chris Hemsworth could face a financial scandal | News of The Savior


The application of fitness of the actor was bombarded with complaints, since the users claim that they charged a high rate of subscription.

Fans of the protagonist of the saga “Thor” are furious because they automatically charged a costly annual subscription after using the popular application of fitness Hemsworth.

The social networks of Centr, the application of the star of Marvel, have been inundated with complaints from disgruntled users who suddenly realized that the money had left their account.

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“How do I sent them an email about a reimbursement of the payment you did not want to take after the test for 6 weeks? I didn’t get an e-mail about the completion of the test, so that I could not cancel on time,” wrote the user aiden.jamesss in the profile officer of Central on Instagram.

The negative comments invaded the social networks of the app of the actor. Photo captures of Instagram

During the pandemic of coronaviruses, with the gym still closed in almost all the world, the australians were offered a free trial of the app for six weeks.

The application offered exercises to do at home, designed by the team of trainers of the actor, and some videos that would appear the same star.

But six weeks later, some customers discovered that they had been applied to large charges.
A couple from Melbourne were charged $95.99 for an annual subscription, and nearly $200 to a household who lost work during the pandemic.

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“$200 is a lot of money, maybe not for Chris but for us,” said Daniel O Kane of Melbourne to the magazine A Current Affair. After just one training, they stopped using the application, as they not were impressed by the offer. Worst of all is that there is no proof of the charge.