Chris Hemsworth hugging a koala breaks Instagram


  • Chris Hemsworth breaks Instagram with an adorable photo of a koala.
  • You’ll never see Chris Hemsworth without a shirt in the film and we know the reason.

    With the scenario that we have in our country, in which the bad news for the Coronavirus are on the rise, we need a bit of air and joy in our lives. Stress and nervousness are at their highest level and it is essential to occupy our minds with positive images. For this reason, we want to rejoice the day with the photo you’ve shared Chris Hemsworth on his Instagram taking care of a koala. Can you be more adorable? We think not. The actor, very concerned about the care of the environment and of animals, he approached an NGO to see the work develop and step in to help with these precious animals, whose life is in serious danger of extinction, and more now after the fires that have ravaged the country.

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    Chris Hemsworth us melt with an image taking care of a koala and that we have found in your Instagram

    Chris Hemsworth, our beloved Thor, has become the hero of this koala that was photographed. The tender snapshot has already accumulated more than two million of ‘likes’.

    In addition, the interpreter hung up this message:

    “Fantastic visit Friends of the koala and to see first-hand the incredible work and commitment to the koalas to preserve and improve their habitat. It is an association-profit organization run by volunteers. Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing…”

    After this momentazo we are sure that many are envidiando strongly to this koala.

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