Chris Hemsworth tells how you can go to the premiere of Thor: Love & Thunder


Chris Hemsworth surprised to all your fans with an incredible invitation to go to the premiere of its long-awaited new – and until now, last – movie with Marvel, Thor: Love & Thunder thank you to who has joined the All in Challenge.

Chris Hemsworth at the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth at the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok

With the aim of raising funds for those affected by the COVID-19, Chris Hemsworth he accepted the challenge of Chris Pratt to join the All in Challenge, for which it will auction off a pass to double the premiere the Movie universe of Marvel.

Through a video on his official Instagram, the australian Chris Hemsworth, who gives life to the same Thor Odinson in “Thor: Love & Thunder”, he announced to his fans in the united States that they can already participate in the auction.

This would be the second All-in Challenge that joins Chris Hemsworth, as the first was one released by your partner at Marvel, Chris Evans, who offers a night of virtual games with the Avengers for those who donate.

Chris Hemsworth invites you to Thor: Love & Thunder

To be able to participate by pass dual to the premier of Thor: Love & Thunder, you just need to give a donation to the foundation in an All in Challenge, which can be from 10 to 100 dollars depending on how many tickets you want to have in the raffle.

The prize for the All in Challenge, which features Chris Hemsworth includes entry to the Red Carpet at the premiere of Thor: Love & Thunder, the after party, and even stay two nights in the city where will take place the projection of the long-awaited tape from Marvel.

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In the video, Chris Hemsworth recalled that all of the funds raised will be donated to institutions, such as No Kid Hungry, Meals on wheels America, and the America’s Food fund also collaborates with Feeding America and World Central Kitchen.