Christian Bale diet for The Machinist


  • Christian Bale is one of the actors that more physical changes he has experienced according to the demands of the script.
  • For ‘The Machinist’, Bale had to drastically change their diet and reduce it to about 200 calories a day.

    The methods used by some Hollywood actors to adapt their physical characters have to interpret are amazing. From the training of Tom Hardy as Bane to give volume to your upper body, until Zac Efron doing a workout of 1,000 repetitions of body weight. In the panorama of Spanish cinema we also have several cases, but the actor has had to change his body in function of the demands of the script has been Mario Casas, who has lost and gained weight or muscles of wild form.

    In Hollywood, the palm in this topic is the would Christian Bale. Few actors can say that they are experts in transform your body as he: in his career he has filled for ‘American Hustle’, lost body fat to a single digit for ‘American Psycho’, after the back to increase for the trilogy of ‘the Dark Knight’ and return to lose 30kg of weight for ‘Le Mans 66’.

    However, his appearance haggard as Trevor Reznik in the thriller 2004 ‘The Machinist’ called attention to any of those mentioned above. To interpret Reznik, a worker of a factory plagued with psychological problems, Bale had to lose weightspecifically 25 kg, in four months transforming brutally his diet in a low-calorie to get rid of the weight that he had had to take on ‘American Psycho’ (2000).

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    Over the four months prior to the shooting, the diet of Bale was based on black coffee, an apple and a can of tuna each day. “This is less than 200 calories by day, so that is not healthy at all”, explains the expert in health of Harley Street, Daniel O Shaughnessy. “An extreme diet like this cause havoc on the metabolism and causes a lot of stress on the body,” he adds. This risk seems to be clear on the own Christian Bale who, in an interview in 2009, I claim to be valuing the option to abandon these transformations more dramatic than Hollywood. “I’ve become a bit more boring now, because I am older and I feel that if I keep doing what I did in the past, I’m going to die. Therefore, I would prefer not to die,” he said.

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