Come to light the first images as a ‘Human Torch’


The new movie ‘The Fantastic 4’ is already a reality. Although it is not known when it will premiere, nor that actors will form a part of the cast who will play the famous superheroes that have already been interpreted so many times by other Hollywood stars, it is certain that its release is not planned, but the filming itself that could be expected from the hand of the Marvel factory, and would be an actor very coveted: Zac Efron.

The actor of ‘Baywatch: Los vigilantes de la playa ” is one of the names the loudest sound to participate in the new movie. And is that as revealed by the president and creative director of Marvel Studios, they need a new cast to give life to the characters, and already have in mind several candidates.

It is for this reason that, as many fans have filled the social networks of messages asking that Zac Efron is one of the protagonistsa graphic artist has become a reality the desires of those people, and it has posted to your account as you can imagine the american actor in the role of Human Torch.

The user Boss Logic, spread through its Twitter account a picture in which the actor appears in costume characteristic of the character number four of the acclaimed film.

“We have a list of characters from the action that we want to address, be antentos” he wrote the graphic designer on her Twitter account along with images of the american actor became one of ‘The Fantastic 4’.