Confidences maternity Ona Carbonell on ‘The Anthill’: “Serena Williams, an example for me”


“No one in my family has been able to touch me the belly” for the confinement by the COVID-19.


Ona Carbonell he has shown his tummy of pregnant ‘The Anthill’the popular television programme presented by Pablo Motos in the star of the swimming woman or man with more medals world cup (23)also explained how he is carrying the pregnancy in confinement by the COVID-19.

Ona announced that it would be a mother in march of last year, before the health emergency, and, as said in the video callboth she and her partner, the exgimnasta Pablo Ibáñez, “we are eager to arrive already the baby”, without revealing if you expect a boy or a girl.

The double olympic medallist, designer of floodlights, and author of children’s stories was very close to and complicit in the conversation with Pablo Motoswith sympathetic confidences of by means.

He explained to Pablo Motos that labor “gives me a lot of respect” and not wanting to reveal the sex of the baby.


Are you nervous about a pregnancy in quarantine domestic?
– “It’s complicated. You are unable to attend classes labor. No one in my family has been able to touch my belly. It is my first pregnancy, you have questions and you’re reporting for websites and social networks. I’m going to share (prints) with women who are in the same situation I am, but it is strange, isn’t it?, as for the whole world”.

Already know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, but still “what we said”, so not wanted to reveal it in the program; yes said, “we are very happy”, referring to herself and Pablo Ibáñez, “eager to arrive already.”

Have you swum while already pregnant?
– “Yes, when I was little, in the pool, before that started all of this virus. The truth is that it is very cool. I think that the best way to be pregnant is water.”

What passed for the head to give birth in the water?
– “No, I’ve not thought of. I try not to think about at that moment (the birth) of time, it gives me much respect. Of time and as I still have a tempo not what I thought”.

“It’s hard being an athlete mom: your tool is your body,” and is the economic issue.

It will make it easy to the athletes when they decide to stop to be mothers?
– “It is not easy, it is complicated. First, because your tool is your body, and you never know how you will react ‘after’. Then, you have to be a year and a half stop, you can’t get back the day after or the week after the birth of the baby. And on an economic level, nor is it anything easy, so I should have it very clear.”

– “And I think that has to be able to be the athlete who can balance family life with the sport, through many difficulties there. For me Serena Williams and many women who have been a mother and who have faced adversity are an example. And well, there I am”.

To finish, Ona invited Pablo Motos to join one of the trainings of their colleagues of swimming artistic she currently oversees video.

“We could do it with you, since you always do the exercises with me,” he suggested smiling, in allusion to their passage through the space Antena 3 in the past.

PHOTO: CAPTURES VIDEO @elhormiguero / @onacarbonell