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Justin Timberlake cheered on Thursday the internet then the answer to Britney Spears-who was his girlfriend 18 years ago – a video in which the star dances one of the songs of the musician, which generated thousands of fans rogaran by a meeting between the two artists.

Although Spears and Timberlake broke off their engagement almost two decades ago, millions of people in the network seem to have been infected with the spirit of Carlos Gardel, and are convinced of the truth that “20 years is nothing”.

It all started when Spears published two days ago in her account of Instagram video, which he recorded originally for Tik Tok, on the appears dancing the song “Filthy” of her ex-boyfriend.

“This is my version of Snapchat or Tik Tok or whatever ‘cool’ is supposed that one will make nowadays. As you can see I’m not really dancing… I’m just very boring. PD: You know that we had 20 years ago one of the biggest breaks in history… But, well, the guy is a genius. Great song JT“, wrote the artist.

Immediately, fans of Spears began to give ‘I like’ to the post with comments asking for, at least, a collaboration. In less than two days, the video has surpassed the 2.3 million hearts.

When everything was calmed down, it appeared Timberlake, with emoticons of laughter and admiration in the comments section and the fans went crazy again and stated the interaction as: “just what we needed in these times of quarantine.”

The situation has advanced so much that the sister of Spears, Jamie Lee Spears, wrote on Thursday: “The blogs are already scheming their stories far-fetched… you síguete having fun and looking beautiful”.

The current boyfriend of Spears, Sam, Asghari, also added: “You were the ones that inspired Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and even Myspace”. Yes, up to now Jessica Biel, wife of Timberlake, has been silent.

The history of love

Spears and Timberlake were a couple from 1999 to 2002, after being friends since children, when they met as part of the cast of the american version of the Mickey Mouse Club. At that time were two of the most famous artists on the planet and both their dating as their separation caused a great stir among her fans, who mostly were teenagers.