DC: Johnny Deep will be the Joker in The Batman 2 | Matt Reeves | Joaquin Phoenix | Movies and series


The Batman is one of the productions most anticipated by fans of DC. While the shooting has stopped due to the pandemic coronavirus, Warner Bros does not stop future plans for a sequel.

According to got to know several specialized media, the study has its eyes on Johnny Depp to give life to Joker in the new movie universe focused on Batman.

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While there is not an official statement and just about to rumors, the actor was always one of favorites to play the iconic villain. Through the years, his name has sounded with force to take over the role and this time it could be a reality in the sequel of The Batman.

There is No doubt that the role relanzaría his career, then of the disputes in court with his former wife, Amber Heard. As you recall, the figure of Johnny Depp was seriously damaged by the allegations of abuse that finally turned out to be false, and this would be his opportunity to return to big.

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While the production of The Batman still does not have a certain date to resume shooting, the director Matt Reeves assured that only a matter of an unforeseen event and that the film will be ready to be released in 2021.

For the moment, it only remains to hope that their success is enough for the studio to green light a second part. In turn, fans of the character are in question if the version of Depp would overtake the Joaquin Pheonix, Oscar-winner for his impressive interpretation.

What was the first movie of Johnny Depp?

Maybe there is still some clueless (all can be because he has spent a lot of time) to have forgotten that the first film in which the chameleon-like Johnny Depp was left to see was in the mythical ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. This was one of the most iconic movies directed by Wes Craven in the now distant 1984.

Joker kills Batman in this new comic [FOTOS]

On the occasion of the anniversary 80’s villain, one of the stories of The Joker 80th anniversary 100-page super spectacularthe psychopath manages to end the life of Batman. However, this seems not to be enough for the clown prince of crime.

Does Amber Heard in the prison? the fabricated evidence against Johnny Depp

At the beginning of the year revealed audios where Heard admitting that he hit his then-husband, and even he could hear the mocking cries of his companion. The picture is complicated by the fact that the protagonist of Aquaman falsified evidence to prosecute her alleged attacker.

Amber Heard would follow as a Mere despite disputes with Johnny Depp

Who has spoken about the future of the actress on the tape of DC is the founder and editor-in-chief of Heroic HollywoodUmberto Gonzalez, considered to be among the followers as a reliable source of information in the entertainment industry.

Through his Twitter account, Gonzalez said: “No, Amber Heard was not ‘farewell’ of Aquaman 2”, which spoils a little the claims made by a variety of media that claimed the output of the interpreter of the role of Mere in Aquaman 2.