Demi Lovato is sincere about his overdose: “it Was miserable”


¡Demi Lovato is officially back to the world of the music! The interpreter ‘Heart attack’ is about to release their next single ‘I love me’, the reason for which he has visited several programs as part of the promotion, among the highlights of his visit with Ellen DeGeneres in The Ellen Show.

During your stay on the morning show, Demi Lovato touched various aspects of his professional life as well as his private life, however, what has been giving the talk was the opening that the ex-star of Disney had on the overdose she suffered in July of 2018in fact, it confessed that the real reason it fell was because it felt really ‘miserable’.

“The first time I was sober was when he was 19, an age at which it is assumed that you should not drink at all, I had the help I needed”, said Demi, mentioning that after things became complicated due to an eating disorder, “That led me to be really unhappy… My bulimia turned into something horrible, I asked for help but then was there when I did not get the you needed. I was sober for six years, but it was miserable. I was more miserable than when I used to drink! Why am I still sober?” confessed Lovato for DeGeneres.

The intense ‘crush’ of Demi Lovato with Rihanna

After opening on its overdose, Ellen DeGeneres took the opportunity to joke a little with the also actress, where this revealed that he would love to be able to kiss the shell ‘Diamonds’ Rihanna, Rihannathrough the dynamic ‘Who’d You Rather?’. “I just want to kiss her, Ok?. I mean… Yes, we can do a song together, but we would have to kiss in the video”revealed Lovato while the audience could not stop laughing.

It seems that, despite the bad time that happened to Demi Lovato because of their addictions, and even problems in your household, the interpreter of ‘Skyscraper’ is better than ever and ready to lead once more the charts music.