Demi Lovato launches strong proposal to Rihanna


Demi Lovato, Rihanna

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Demi Lovato, Rihanna

The american singer Demi Lovato, admitted that he would like to kiss and do a musical collaboration with the singer from Barbados, Rihanna.

In an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Showa television program from the united States, Lovato confessed his desire for the interpreter Umbrellato which she admires for a long time. During a previous broadcast of the program, the singer of I Love Memade it clear that Rihanna is his maximum idol and commented on the air that he would like to work with her.

In a recent interview for the same program, Demi Lovato revealed their intentions with the celebrityas the presenter spoke about the topic and asked if she had had a response on the part of the singer.

“No, replied, and okay, it doesn’t offends me because it is Rihanna,” replied the artist of 27 years to the driver. “Rihanna, how do you dare?”, he said as a joke DeGeneres, while staring at the camera.

“Look, I just want to kiss her, well, also we could do a collaboration together, the kiss maybe we could see it in the video, I don’t know,” confessed the celebrity american, that he managed to arouse applause and laughter of the audience.

After cuestionarle about your love life, Lovato said: ‘I Was in the applications of dating for a while and as I’ve spent some time myself in the last few months, I realized that I am the type of person that will find some form of regular sadness or loneliness or whatever,” he said.

“I have to fight these battles on my own and I could not allow someone to come in and fix those problems for me, so now I’m single and spend my Saturday night alone, laughing, taking baths ‘, he concluded.

Meanwhile, the interpreter is immersed in the preparations for a series of concerts that will offer from June, in some countries of Europe and Latin America.

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