Halle Berry, on the movies of which he was sorry: “what she had been smoking crack?”


The hard work of the interviewer lies in getting the people who interview you decide to confess such information juicy that, in principle, they might as well shield it from the public. And in this regard the presenter James Corden has become quite an expert. While this is supportive of the scheme to blackmail your guests with the food intake of the most unpleasant.

And is that, in one of the sections of your late show, the u.s. puts its guests in the difficult position of having to choose whether to drop confidences or try some of the nasty menus that you have prepared on setand that include pearls of the style of penis of bull or testicles of turkey. And the last to have to face this dilemma has been the actress Halle Berryhe visited the program Corden in the company of Anjelica Houston on the occasion of the promotion of the new film in participating both, the third installment of ‘John Wick’.

Berry had to face one of the usual uncomfortable questions of the presenter, who will read her own companion of the cast: “Have you ever noticed that a movie was going to be bad while the rodabas? And if so, at what point did you realize?”. And faced with the alternative of having to scarfing down some nachos seasoned with beetles, winning actress of an Oscar chose to be completely sincere. “What all?”, he asked back and laughed, before adding: “there are so many”.

Finally, the artist decided to point out with first name and last name of a film, in particular, of the many, who apparently repents of having done so. And this was ‘The Richs Man’s Wife’, which in Spain was translated as ‘Ambition dangerous’. This is a thriller written and directed by Amy Holden Jones, which premiered in 1996 and that Berry was the wife of a Hollywood producer alcoholic who ends up having an affair with the character played by Clive Owen.

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But the openness and the sense of humor of the actress did not win during the next question that had to face-planting on “those actors that would never work”. In this issue, Berry decided not to reveal specific names, although it dropped any track, commenting that there were “two”, one of them, regardless of having passed through the jail, “had been very famous but no longer what it was”, and that the other was “not too high”.

Anjelica Houston, for his part, he preferred to eat several of the quirky dishes before you have to replicate to the question about his sex life with Jack Nicholson, of which he was a partner in the 90’s.