It has been hacked the Twitter of Hailee Steinfeld!


Last night was a moment of great tension for Hailee Steinfeldbecause he was the victim of a hacker in his account of Twitter. Many fans began to receive DMs of Hailee Steinfeld with the “n” word and they began to accuse her of racist. OMG!

It was all a disaster because Hailee Steinfeld I was not connected to your Twitter when everything began to happen. Apparently a hacker intervened in the account Hailee Steinfeld and began to send many offensive messages to several of his followers.


After a few minutes, Hailee Steinfeld he shared a tweet in where he said that by the end she had recovered her accountback to normal and he thanked all the people who were aware of it. Pfff… What a complicated situation!

Obviously they could not miss the teasing towards her, in which various people claimed that it was she and, as he had ruined everything with his racist comment, wanted to fix things, saying that it was a hacker. Do you believe? The truth is that we don’t! Hailee Steinfeld it has always been kept on the sidelines in what posts in social networks.

In the end, surely Niall Horan he was aware of everything which happened to Hailee Steinfeld. Luckily the hacker it was not beyond and were only a few minutes in which everything was solved. Thanks god! So be very careful with whom they share and what they share on networks. You never know what can happen!