It’s almost! Photo of Karol G was close to leaving to see his crotch


Karol G again delighted his followers to show off their attributes in their social networks, as lately this artist has liked to make an impact with her sensuality, showing her body.

Initially it did so by publishing a photo in which he is seen in a hot red bikini, while I enjoyed the sun and the sea on your private beach in Miami; he did it also with another image in which he stressed his back and tightened the bodice to show your queue.

However, everything seems to indicate that there is always more sensuality to expect of this beautiful singer, who he dared to be more bold and pose with a short sleeve shirt, pink, where, in addition, got the part that covers your crotch.

“Goddess ❤️” “What linda is?” “Hey, devuélvete that you spent beautiful” “Oh, I can not with so much beauty❤️” “is Not a valid zoom?”, were some of the comments from his followers.

It should be recalled that the singer had announced that it was in the process of improving your figure, because they want to make a change for herself and feel more comfortable with your appearance, so it has been working out and watching their diet.

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Photo: Instagram @Karolg