Jennifer Aniston said romance with fellow Friends and it could be the real reason for her divorce: PHOTO


Much has been spoken about the infidelity of Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie when they were still married, however, recently came to light in a photograph that could leave in question the fidelity the protagonist of Friends to her then-husband.

And is that on Instagram shared a photo very demanding in that the protagonists are nothing more and nothing less than Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc both protagonists of the series Friends.

In the photograph you can cherish LeBlanc take for the waist to Aniston while both are given a tender kiss, the funny thing is that they are not in a set of recording nor resembles any scene from the series that starred.

The image, in accordance with the profile that the published data of the year 2004 and was taken when both actors were leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Photo: IG @2000sanxiety

It should be noted that to be certain of the date, then Jennifer Aniston I would still be married Brad Pitt, so that could leave discern that the relationship of both actors was already worn out from long before the blond had his romance with Jolie.

For the year 2005 Pitt and Aniston they announced their separation and claimed that it had nothing to do with the infidelity of the protagonist of Troy.

Jenn and Matt Are More than friends?

Although the photography of Jennifer and Matt it is not something new, five years ago the father of the actor confessed that his son and the blonde if they had held an affair at that time.

Although such statements made by the father of LeBlanc were belied by the actor and the representative offices of Jennifer, there is still that doubt if it is in real life if they were able to secure a relationship, it is important to remember that within the frame of Friends the Rachel and Joey never were able to realize a loving relationship due to the strong friendship of the united.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico