Jennifer Lopez boasts abs in his latest video session

Jennifer Lopez has done it again. The singer, who recently, we discovered the most fun way to burn calories at home, he has shared several photos of her workout from last Friday, on the presumption that once more its impressive physical form. With the fitness of your home as a backdrop and the mane gathered in a bun high casual, the group, which has been chosen to train has not left anyone indifferent. This is a two parts of its brand of reference, Niyamasol, formed by a sports bra and a few leggings high-waisted effect fit, both with military patternthat has combined with a sport-style loot with several strips crossed, and white outsole.

Jennifer Lopez training with top military

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A set that left the view of the abs of the singer, the fruit of the tough workout routine that plays along to your trainer Dodd Romero between 4 and 5 times a week, and his diet is controlled on the basis of 5 categories of food: proteins, vegetables, fats, carbohydrates and water. But in the above pictures did not place only your abs, but also your toned arms, his muscles perfectly defined and, on the whole, his good physical form. Another detail that has caught the attention of their fans has been the fact that to train with hoop earrings and makeup, the look marked through a light eyeliner black.

Jennifer Lopez training with military look

Jennifer accompanied the snapshot with a message from the most inspirational: “If you are not a challenge, you do not change…”. A philosophy that she applies to all facets of your life that have led him to become one of the most celebrated women internationally, whose success seems to have no end. After a world tour on the occasion of his 50th birthday, becoming the official image of the campaign in spring of Versace and return to high for everything to the big screen with Hustlers, a film that earned him several nominations and the Spotlight award of the Palm Springs International Film Festivalin the past month of March, the singer released its own line of footwear. Message that has served as motivation to his followers, who have filled up your wall of messages such as “the motivation that we needed to?”, “I need to train with you to recover my physical form ???” or “GOD IS A WOMAN AND IS CALLED JLO ?????”.

Jennifer Lopez with white top

This is not the first time that Jennifer boasts of abs, a part of your body that we are most accustomed to see, both in the looks that you choose to go to the gym, generally composed by tops or sports bras and leggings high-waisted, as in its perched in a bikini or sets of gala that habituates to look at the different events you go. One of the last, a press conference in the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime show, which took place in miami shortly before his critically acclaimed performance in the Super Bowl, which came with a set of white pants and crop-top in the same tone.

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