Jim Carrey will cough in the face to the president of the united States and becomes an idol

The actor and comedian, canadian Jim Carrey turned around a hero and in trend in social networks after sharing a video where he coughed in the face to the president of the united States.

It was in a video that he shared Jim can be seen as when the president gives a speech then to see him a few seconds will coughs directly in the face.

The comedian became a trend in just a few short minutes you have shared it in your account twitteras makes a mockery of the measures that your government has taken with respect to the virus that is plaguing much of the country as the whole world.

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The majority of the comments with respect to the video show an appreciation by the way, so comic that Carrey showed their discontent with the president.

It is worth mentioning that the actor is not the only one who has made jokes about the president, because on several occasions other actors also have represented parodies to make fun of him.

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Currently, with only six hours of having been shared the video on his official twitter account with more than 123 thousand reproductions and thousands of retweets and likes.

One of the actors that has recently been viralizado by the same fact has been Alec Baldwin, who made a parody of the imitation in a subject that caused controversy.

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In this video comedian he mocked the statements that made the Chairman regarding the virus and its recommendations towards the citizens, who proposed to inject a disinfectant or to take ultraviolet rays to eradicate this virus.

The good side is that these parodies, or ridicule not have led to something badbecause they are going against someone of greater power, so it could be said that the president just takes it as something comedian and not something offensive.

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