Johnny Depp, Amber Heard put to the test the mental health of the actor


After two years of marriage the couple split and now both are accused of domestic violence, while both Amber Heard requested that Johnny Depp made a test mental.

The marriage of the couple began in 2015 and for the 2017 they were already in the process of separation by irreconcilable differences.

Fortunately for both actors for their success that same 2017 began to rise thanks to the performances of their motion picture films.

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In the beginning Johnny was accused of domestic violence by Heard his now ex-wife, and who recently presented more legal cases against them, today in day ensures that Johnny Depp you have mental problems and want to check it

Both Depp as Heard accused in a principle has been violated, however Amber was the one who filed charges of domestic abuse and Johnny charged back to your partner to do the same with him.

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So far, none to wanted to reach an agreement according to reason why Amber decided to continue with the charges against Depp, who incarnated on more than one occasion to Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” a jolly drunk who has many adventures with women and with your boat.

This event is raising due to which the lawyers of Amber, the protagonist of Aquaman next to Jason Momoa, had access to the records of the mental health of Johnny, in conclusion according to all the history of the actor in where years ago consumed a prohibited substance and addictive as well as alcohol began to question his mental status current.

Was hinted even that Johnny Depp he suffers from delusions against people that surround him, news of which fans of the actor and DC are willing to request to be removed from Amber Heard as a character of Aquaman since they ensure that Depp was the one who suffered in the relationship, as they say, different means of communication.

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