Justin Bieber says he’s sorry for losing your virginity before you get married


Justin Bieber does not seem to be worth talking about some of the details about your sex life and again has made statements quite a surprise to his admirers to talk about his now non-existent virginity.

Justin Bieber says he's sorry for losing your virginity before you get married

The Instagram of Justin Bieber

In the previous episode of your series for Facebook Watch, The Biebers, Justin Bieber revealed that he regrets having started their sexual life before the marriage and as in retrospect I would have preferred to remain a virgin.

“If I could go back and not have to deal with some of the damage that I suffered, probably would have kept me a virgin until I was married,” said the canadian singer.

Justin Bieber’s 26-year-old said that sex can be confusing, especially when you have sex with “anyone”, so that there would be several things of his past that would change if I could.

Hailey Baldwin does not support Justin Bieber

Unlike her husband, the model Hailey Baldwin 23 years of age does not repent for having lost her virginity before marriage, despite the fact that she is in agreement that it can be confusing.

“I don’t know if I would say the same thing, but we had different experiences with everything,” said Hailey Baldwin, who in recent days said to be fed up of the media to compare it with the ex – girlfriends of Justin Bieber.

“I agree with the fact that sex can sometimes make things more confusing,” added Hailey Baldwin, whose ex – boyfriends include Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas and Drake, who is rumoured to have had a casual relationship.

However, Justin Bieber claims that he did not regret anything since your last “makes you who you are and learn from those things”, but to be able to change something would be to not get virgin to the marriage.

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The doubt without the respond of the fans is the one with whom she lost her virginity to Justin Bieber, who revealed to a friend that it was the “first man” in the life of Selena Gömez.