Katy Perry: An enterprising, fierce


The entrepreneur who gives voice to the new generations with songs that speak of empowerment and aspects of daily life.

can come from different spotlightsKaty Perry, for example,
comes from a musical career that has taken her to the global recognition.
Also looking to be known as entrepreneur.

Part of her

The interpreter
the controversial song I Kissed a Girl he grew up developing his talent
musical interpret songs cristinas.

After being
rejected by various record labels, Perry, managed to throw light on the album One
Of The Boys
that brought him recognition and income millionaires.

Subsequently, and
with the growth of his person, has had a history of sponsorship with
brands of high recognition such as: Covergirl, Pepsi, H&M, Moschino,
among other

Brands and projects that make Roar

The californian
has been undertaken in different areas such as the design of shoes unique under your
brand Katy Perry Collections, his own record label Metamorphosis
Music (now the Unsub Records)
under the property of Capital Records and the
launch of perfumes.

Katy Perry
Collections is based on dressing the feet of their consumers with shoes
designed by the singer that have a touch extravagante as that
it defines to the interpreter.

On the other hand, the
record label that Katy has created with the label that believed in it, Capital
Records, Unsub Records is looking to boost the careers of two singers: Ferras
and Cyn.

The perfumes that
has launched the entrepreneur up to now are: Purr, Meow!, Royal and KillerQueen.

Katy Perry in data

  • The fortune of the
    singer amounted to 57 MDD.
  • Account with a
    documentary that talks about his life and his painful divorce with actor Russell
    Brand entitled Katy Perry: Part of me.
  • Their second album, Teenage Dream, launched six
    simple of which five were placed at the top of Billboard.